systems 14

systems 14 is an exhibition of commissioned poster designs and ‘60s Braun products.

Recent years have seen a revival of interest in modernist graphic design, but little agreement about what, in practical terms, this might mean or what is ultimately at stake in it. Thirty-four leading graphic designers and studios were invited to produce a poster design on the theme of Braun systems design. From repetition and development to nostalgia and critique, the diversity of response to the systems brief offers a snapshot of the international graphic design scene in this moment of uncertain possibility. At the same time, systems samples some of the best and most challenging work currently being produced.

systems is curated by das programm and produced in association with Braun, exhibition design and graphics undertaken by Giorgio Del Buono.

21 Nov 2014 - 5 Dec 2014 Walter Knoll East Gate7, Chaoyang Park No. 1 Nongzhan Guan Nanlu Chaoyang District, Peking 100125

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Galaxy Meow

Officially, there is no single, global peace flag.

Flags of Peace invited over forty reputable designers and artists from over forty different countries to propose their solutions to this undetermined icon. These newly created flags were showcased at De Pier in The Hague where they presented an impression of what peace means to individuals in all corners of the world and how it should be symbolized. The exhibition formed a visual dialogue on peace and is an ongoing project which aims to collect a design from every country in the world.

Flags of Peace asked these questions: What defines peace? How should it be portrayed? What should a peace flag achieve? And does it even need a flag?

I named my flag Galaxy Meow. I realize a warm smile on my face even at times of trouble when I sit and watch my cat stretch in curious manner or curl up, lightly and gracefully move around the space. One can recognize a cat even by its partial body. I personally reach a state of peace faster when I think of warm furred animals, than to imagine a broader concept of peace that involves the Earth and its environment, or sweat and tears of man.

photograph: Trapped in Suburbia

  • De Pier in The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice.
  • 18th September - 21st September 2015
  • curated by Trapped in Suburbia
  • www.flagsofpeace.com
  • www.instagram.com/flags_of_peace
  • www.facebook.com/flagsofpeace
  • www.twitter.com/FlagsofPeace
9_rnr_03_web_1340_c 9_rnr_02_web_1340_c 9_rnr_01_web_1340_c
poster for 9 and the Numbers' concert - Round and Round
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Galaxy Meow

Mr. Pavilion is an exhibition of works by four teams of architects. Their works introduce transportable pavilions, made possible through the combination of technology, new ideas and new materials. This exhibition started from a thought that should stage apparatus be able to move around the country, it can serve a number of roles such as a cultural site for artistic activities, a place for the local residents to gather and share positive energy with one another.

I visualized each of the pavilion structures that the four teams have designed into simple line graphics. All of these pavilion structures are in the form of an arch, and so the derived graphics were put together to illustrate a virtual character named Mr. Pavilion.

  • art direction: Jaemin Lee
  • graphic design: Jaemin Lee
  • researching and editing: Junglim Foundation(Green Kim)
  • editorial design: Gunjung Lee
  • © 2015 Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved.
twlfnt_web_04_1340_c twlfnt_web_06_1340_c twlfnt_web_02_1340_c twlfnt_web_01_1340_c twlfnt_web_05_1340_c twlfnt_web_03_1340_c twlfnt_web_09_1340_c twlfnt_web_08_1340_c
T, W, L, F, N and T
poster for pop-up restaurant - Tastes of Summer - July 2015 Filed under poster, TWL, Home Ground, Risograph, 2015
This is the poster for Junglim Architecture Awards 2014, which was held by Junglim Foundation annually. For expressing this year's theme; The Space for Me: Micro-customization, I made 'The Space for individual' by lengthen, cut and build the typeface. © 2013 Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved. September 2013 (4,426 views) Filed under poster, Junglim foundation, 2013
catenaccio_web_RGB_670 eosamoosa_web_RGB_670

United Notions is a collaborative exhibition curated by The Bakery. The collaboration investigates into cultural cliches of various countries, find similarities & differences, and try to express them by means of visual communication. The aim is to show that as much as we differ from each other, we still can speak the same language. 20 studios from across the globe were invited to brief each other with a word from their country and create 2 posters each: one based on personal choice, another based on a brief from the peers. As a result of the collaboration was an exhibition: 40 posters from 20 studios, explaining simple and complex things through type, illustration, form and colour.

The two posters are a response to these briefs:

Eosamoosa (personal brief) Though it is a saying we use in Korea, it derives from Chinese characters. It means something is on the tip of one’s tongue, only thought wise. It describes a thought that is vaguely there but not clear at all. Quite conceptual and difficult to visualize, the weather we were experiencing then inspired us to create a poster that portrays the awkward boundary between spring and winter. It shows that new leaves are blooming but that chilly air is still present.

Catenaccio (peer brief) This is an italian saying that we also use in Korea, especially when talking about football. It defines a defensive play, describing a tight and hardly breakable guarding position. This was applied to typography as overlapping characters, tightly placed and working together.

Posters were exhibited in The Gallery Nauka i Iskusstvo, Moscow, Russia from 27 May to 7 Jun 2015. design: Jaemin Lee and Heesun Kim © 2015 Jaemin Lee. All rights reserved. May 2015 Filed under poster, 2015, United Notions Exhibition